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Transitional living program

A home for youth preparing to exit foster care. Residents benefit from targeted support to help them transition to adulthood. 

Youth benefits


Through trauma-informed care and Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) staff and counselors help youth heal from trauma and plan for their futures.

Academic guidance

Case managers help monitor academic performance and guide youth in preparing for higher education or employment. 

life skills

Residents benefit from training and education designed to facilitate independent living. Skills include budgeting, credit planning, resume writing, and interviewing.



  • Be age 15-23 that are in the foster care system.

  • Be enrolled in (or completed) high school, a GED course, vocational program, college, university, or technical school.

  • Seek, obtain, or continue employment. (if not enrolled in an educational program)

  • Participate in programs on education, vocational training, employment, and volunteer outreach.

  • Be capable of acquiring the skills necessary to become economically self-sufficient.

  • Live cooperatively and responsibly with other residents in the program.

Admission must be initiated by the youth's caseworker or DFPS representative. Authorized personnel should send the State of Texas Common Application to the agency intake email. ​

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