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Children in Classroom

Prevention Education

Through Positive Action curriculum and Curriculum-Based Support Group programs, staff engage with youth in a fun, active manner while also delivering valuable, lasting messages. Programming is available in-school as well as in the community.



Substance Avoidance
Honesty & Kindness
Confidence Building

Self Improvement
Stress Management
Problem Solving

Decision Making


Goal Setting


Acting Responsibly

Cognitive Competence

Social interaction

Bullying Recovery

Peer Pressure Response

Healthy Choices

Positive Friendships

Relationship Building

Small Groups
Jokes in July
Generous Genius Parade
Red Ribbon Block Party
School Presentation
Jenga with Seniors
Parenting Series

Counties served

Click on a county name for the local office address.

Offices hours vary by location. Please call 830-629-6571 to reach a staff member. 


Connections' prevention program is funded by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

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