Child Counseling

Youth and Family

Individual and group services for youth and families offered at minimal or no cost either virtually or at a location convenient for the client.

Why Counseling?

personal growth

Anxiety and Depression
Self Esteem

Social Interaction
Stress Management
Trauma Recovery


family strengthening


Conflict Resolution

Anger Management

Divorce Recovery

Social resilience

Bullying Recovery

Peer Pressure Response

Problem Solving

LGBTQ Support


Counties served

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*Offices hours vary. Please call 830-629-6571 to reach a team member. 

Happy Family

I have been working with a youth with extensive trauma history (neglect, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse) on and off for the past 4 years. The client has completed EMDR and CPT for PTSD. The client is currently in a healthy relationship, communicating effectively with parent, is graduating in three weeks (a semester early!!!) and was accepted to a prestigious university (to a challenging program) which will be paid for in full due to her CPS placement. YAY!!!!!!

-Kristin (counselor)