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With a Mission

Join us for a night of food, fun and friends

as we support the youth at Connections!

A Mission of Hope
A Special Keynote by Hope Skibitsky

The word "hope" has been described as the difference between giving up and holding on. To have hope is to believe, despite obstacles, that tomorrow will be better. The youth supported by Connections are often at a crossroads in their lives where hope can feel fleeting. Hope Skibitsky has found herself at that same crossroads. Faced with potential homelessness and an uncertain future, Hope found the strength to overcome adversity, pursue her education and go on to become a chief master sergeant in the United States Air Force. Hope's inspirational story reminds us that every at-risk youth has the potential to be great, that our pasts do not define us, and that a little hope goes a long way.

February 16, 2023

New Braunfels Civic Center

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